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Are You Up for the One-Finger Selfie Challenge?

shocked looking woman looking at phone

One-Finger SelfieSo, the latest thing in selfies is the one-finger selfie challenge. It originated overseas, borne (like so many weird trends) of an anime artist’s picture of an impossibly skinny girl doing something kind of odd but also sexy. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t involve taking a picture of your finger. For the one-finger selfie, people stand naked in front of a mirror and use a single finger to cover their naughty bits.

The Evolution of the Selfie

While people have been taking pictures of themselves since the ability to take pictures has existed, what we know of as a selfie became a part of pop culture back in the days when MySpace dominated social media. Even though the popularity of MySpace dwindled, the selfie just wouldn’t die and has since spawned several interesting variations– (hello,belfie). This has led us all to this moment, and to the one-finger selfie challenge.

A bit of an optical illusion, the one-finger selfie requires a carefully placed finger and a lot of self-confidence.

Challenge Accepted?

Of course, most of us are not built like a cartoon character and would feel pretty self-conscious showing so much skin to the world. So, even if you’re not ready to go all-in on this particular trend, it would be pretty nice to be in good enough shape to do so if you wanted to. If you’ve got stubborn fat or saggy skin around your abdomen, there are procedures that can literally reshape your midsection. These procedures have names, and those names are tummy tuck and liposuction. If you’re squeamish about surgery, there are even some non-invasive body contouring procedures that might just do the trick.

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