Boob Jobs

No, You’re Not Crazy to Want Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Society loves disapprove of ladies who get boob jobs. Breast ImplantsThe implication is that there must be something very, very wrong with anyone who isn’t perfectly happy with her body exactly as Mother Nature gave her.


Which is why none of us should get haircuts, hit the gym, or in any other way change our physical appearance. EVER.

But Breast Implants Lead to Suicide!

Oh, honey—no, no, no. That’s not how reading comprehension works.

It’s true that Cosmo recently published an article that screamed how much higher suicide rates were in women who had breast implants. And it’s also true that the study quoted in Cosmo did find that long-term rates of suicide were higher in women with augmented breasts compared to women without.

But let’s take that in context, shall we? Because the findings go on to say that the suicide rate, coupled with the higher-than-expected rates of drug and alcohol abuse in those same women, indicates that the problem isn’t the breast implants themselves; it’s the need for better psychological screening before surgery.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Lest we forget, there are also ample studies in which women report significant psychological benefits after breast augmentation, including (but not limited to) a higher quality of life, improved self-esteem and even a better sex life.

Now. Does this mean that every single woman who opts for breast enlargement is in perfect mental health? Of course not. But neither is every single woman who joins her local CrossFit cult. Er, gym. As long as you’re getting breast augmentation for the right reasons—namely, to increase your cup size, not fix everything that’s wrong with your entire life—it’s not the least bit crazy to want breast implants.

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