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Is Your Booty Picture-Perfect for the “Cheeky Exploit” Trend?

cheeky exploit

cheeky exploitIf you haven’t scrolled through Instagram lately, you might be a bit behind on the latest photo trend involving…well, people’s behinds. Apparently there’s an account aptly named “Cheeky Exploits” that posts pictures of people around the world dropping their drawers and showing off their backsides against gorgeous backdrops in nature.

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Whether you’re feeling a little frisky and want to show off your glorious booty yourself or you just want to get a sneak peek of what all the hype is about, all you have to do is check out the Cheeky Exploits page on Instagram. There’s no catch, no competitions, no blue ribbons. Just butts. And lots of them.

Not sure if your butt is quite ready for its debut on Cheeky Exploits? Not to worry. A Brazilian butt lift might be just what you need to launch your cheeks into Insta-fame.

Really, don’t get a Brazilian butt lift just for Instagram. But if you were already considering one, we wouldn’t judge if you wanted to indulge in this cheeky new trend.


Let’s Talk Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

The Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around, largely in part because of how natural-looking (and feeling!) the results can be. So if you were to, say, want to moon the world via social media, no one would have the slightest idea that you had a BBL.

As an added benefit, a BBL involves liposuction of another area of your body so that that fat can then be sterilized and carefully injected into your butt. Not only do you get a rounder, plumper booty, but you can also get a little waist contouring on the side to really highlight your curves.

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Is Your Booty Picture-Perfect for the "Cheeky Exploit" Trend?
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Is Your Booty Picture-Perfect for the "Cheeky Exploit" Trend?
Just when you thought you knew all of the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift, RaveBabe shares a new Instagram trend that’ll make your BBL even sweeter.
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