Forget Sit-Ups! Here’s Why Lipo Will Zap that Fat

Sporty woman

Sporty woman It’d be a lot easier to embrace your dedication to the CrossFit lifestyle if your midsection didn’t bubble up out of your jeans like a wad of blown-up Bazooka. Sure, you can kettlebell swing and box jump with the best of them, but why oh why can’t you flatten that last inch of flab that’s lurking around your waistline? We’re here to tell you that if your workouts haven’t delivered, lipo can.

Is Lipo a Shortcut?

You aren’t cheating by opting for a surgical alternative. We’ll let you in on a little secret: the ultra-fit workout junkie is exactly the kind of candidate that liposuction was designed for. See, contrary to some incredibly misguided beliefs, liposuction isn’t for overall weight loss; it’s for body sculpting. For the best liposuction results, the patient has to be healthy and relatively trim. Bonus: the type of fat that’s removed via lipo is the exact same type of fat that diet and exercise don’t seem to budge.

Why Won’t the Fat Just Go Away?

Many folks find that, even though they’re devoted to leading a fit and active lifestyle, they still have pockets of stubborn subcutaneous fat. This is typical. From a biological standpoint, humans were designed to hang on to stores of fat juuuust in case. While this seems like an aesthetic design flaw, it was highly beneficial in times of hunter-gatherer famine when the body needed extra energy reserves.

Now that we’re far less likely to be stranded in the Sierra Nevada with no hope of rescue, love handles and saddlebag thighs aren’t a survival necessity. If you’re healthy, active and positive you have a six-pack under there someplace, lipo can provide the perfect finishing touch that accentuates the impressive results of your workout routine.

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