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How’s Your Underboob Cleavage Looking These Days?

red bra with cleavage

Underboob CleavageIn case you haven’t heard, topside cleavage is out, and under-cleavage is in. But what’s a girl to do if her underboob cleavage game isn’t quite up to par for the latest fashion trends?

Don’t panic. Fortunately, breast augmentation can give you the coveted look that’s been popping up all over the red carpet lately.

Small Is the New Big

The reason why the so-called underboob has been able to work so nicely for red-carpet celebs without looking like they’ve jumped right out of an adult film is that the latest trend in breast augmentation is a smaller, more modest look. So when the girls are showing, they look classically sexy.

Try a Shaped Implant

To achieve this super subtle look, you might want to try a shaped implant, sometimes referred to as a gummy bear implant. These implants are teardrop-shaped, which can create a more natural look than some of their round counterparts.

If your boobs are a little on the saggy side, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about adding a breast lift with your implants for ultimate underboob cleavage.

Fat Transfer, Anyone?

Another way to get ultra-natural breast augmentation cleavage is to opt for a fat transfer rather than a traditional implant. During a fat transfer breast enhancement, liposuction first removes unwanted fat from an area of your body like your waist or hips. Then, that fat is sterilized and carefully injected into your breasts to give you that subtle boost of volume.

The results look, feel and move just like natural breasts because they use your body’s own fat cells. Another added benefit is that a fat transfer breast augmentation doesn’t require any incisions, so your tatas will be free of scarring.

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