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How to Get a Subtle Boob Job (Yes, Really)

Subtle Boob Job

Subtle Boob JobA famous rapper once eloquently stated, “Mo’ boobies, mo’ problems.” Okay, so that wasn’t the exact quote from Biggie Smalls, but maybe it would have been if he were still alive and rapping today. The fact of the matter is, in this Nicki Minaj-dominated world of super-sized butts that we live in, big boobs (or melons, if you are so inclined) have actually fallen by the wayside. Now just why is that?

Medical Side Effects

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of looking like Dolly Parton, and that’s perfectly fine. But those massive honkers can come at the expense of one very important thing: your health. According to medical experts, the popular giant implants of yesteryear can cause back pain, loss of sensation and bottoming out (aka where the implant slides below the nipple – yikes!). I don’t care how badly you want those DDs, no boob job is worth compromising your health over.

So Which Implant Is Right for Me?

If I’ve done a good job of convincing you to go for the subtle look, then keep reading. Growing numbers of women are requesting smaller breast implants because the modest size is a better fit for their active lifestyles. As the less-is-more appearance becomes more popular, the B cup has become the most requested breast implant size. As it turns out, smaller cup size may better match your proportions, which can help you to enjoy beautiful results from your breast augmentation.

So what’s the moral of the story? Get the smaller breast implants and save your money for better things.

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