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How to Become Fluent in Boob Job Buzzwords

Boob Job

Boob JobDon’t know your Frankenboobs from your gummy bears and your unders from your overs? Here’s a quick guide to boob job buzzwords to get you up to speed on the jargon of breast implants.


Short for breast augmentation, or enlarging the breast by inserting breast implants.

Boobie Greed

Post-surgery worry that you haven’t gone quite big enough.

Boobie Blues

A low mood that can hit temporarily while recovering from your boob job.

Capsular Contracture

Breasts that look or feel hard after a boob job due to excessive scar tissue growth.


Cubic centimeters, or the volume of a breast implant. This can range from 120cc to 800cc and will play a major role in influencing how large your new breasts will be.

Drop & Fluff

The process of new breast implants settling into their final placement. Once swelling subsides, the implant will drop into place as the tissues softens, or fluffs.


Sometimes also called SpongeBob SquareBoobs, this term refers to breasts that appear high and square-shaped immediately after surgery. Frankenboob normally rectifies itself fairly quickly as swelling eases.

Gummy Bear

An increasingly popular anatomically-shaped breast implant filled with highly cohesive silicone gel.

Morning Boob

Similar to Frankenboob, this is where new implants can appear oddly-shaped first thing in the morning during the healing process.

Unders & Overs

This related to the positioning of the implant within the chest. Simply put, unders are positioned under the muscle, while overs are positioned above the muscle.

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