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How a Combination Approach Helps You Look Younger

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Look Younger Growing older isn’t on anyone’s list of favorite things and looking older isn’t even close to anyone’s favorite. Yet, aging remains an inevitable part of nature; this fact of life has led a number of men and women to turn toward cosmetic procedures that will help them age more gracefully. In most of these cases, just one treatment isn’t the right answer for an effective solution; instead, taking a combination approach offers the best results.

Aging Factors

Maturity evolves in stages, so the most visible signs of age change as you grow older. This means taking a flexible attitude toward rejuvenation treatments, so each concern can be treated at the right time:

  • Patients in their 30s may see very early crow’s feet that can be addressed with BOTOX®, or consider skin resurfacing to improve skin tone and texture plus diminish old acne scars and other irregularities.
  • By the 40s, deepening lines and wrinkles like the nasolabial folds can be improved with JUVÉDERM or other fillers, while still incorporating BOTOX® injections for dynamic wrinkles. Combining these treatments with a customized skin care plan gives aging skin much-needed nourishment to continue combatting the signs of aging.
  • The 50s are a great decade to be more committed about skin care, incorporating regular skin resurfacing treatments to remove cumulative sun damage for improved skin health, while continuing maintenance treatments of fillers and BOTOX® for a youthful look. Nourishing skin care routines should be continued, helping you retain a more youthful look for longer.

Each of these procedures is very complementary with other minimally invasive techniques for a comprehensive approach toward aging in a more gradual, controlled way that keeps you looking your best well into your retirement years and beyond.

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