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Grab an Ice Cube & Tighten Your Vagina — or You Could Try Intima

Young women sunbathing at a beach.

Young women sunbathing at a beach.Oh, TikTok. So many great dances. So much bad medical advice.

Yeah, yeah, I know — it isn’t just TikTok giving an online platform to terrible medical information. But I never personally was told to tighten my vagina with ice cubes on Facebook, so …

Yep, That Happened

I know what you are thinking; TikTok is just a platform, and one silly person on there with a bad idea doesn’t point to a larger issue.

Except it isn’t just one person.

The whole thing got started when a user claimed putting ice in your vag will tighten it AND cure bacterial overgrowth. Because logically, that’s totally a thing cold water can do, right?

This is me side-eyeing you if, even for a moment, you thought ice could do that. 

Putting bad ideas on the internet is sin enough, but this ice-your-vag thing became a trend. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, hop on over to TikTok and search the hashtags #icecube and #icecubechallenge. I’ll wait. 

Frosty Vagina: It’s a No for Me

Ok, so it’s not going to tighten your muscles or cure a bacterial infection. But is it really harmful?

It could be. 

I triple-dog dare you not to put ice in your vag and instead get Intima.

If you haven’t seen A Christmas Story yet, there is a very informative scene where poor Flick gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole. And under the right conditions, the same thing will happen with your vagina and an ice cube. Triple-dog dare or not, girl, it isn’t worth it. 

Plus, adding water to the vagina can alter the pH level, leaving you more prone to infections. 

But what if you aren’t happy with the tone of your vaginal muscles or the appearance of your vulva? Are you just out of luck?

Nope — Intima Is on Your Side

Intima is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that stimulates collagen production inside the vagina and outside on the vulva. It’s vaginal rejuvenation inside AND out that actually works. Through treatment, the vaginal lining can be restored and the wrinkling and descent of the labia reversed. Plus, it increases lubrication and muscle tone, making sexy time better for you.

You can get Intima treatment after childbirth, as you age or just because you want to. It’s FDA-approved for treating vaginal laxity and has been proven safe in clinical trials. Many women report it also helps with bladder incontinence — something no ice cube can do.

Is Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation Right for You?

Listen, vaginal rejuvenation is a very personal thing, so no one can tell you for sure if it is right for you or not. However, if you are unhappy with how tight things are down there, wish your labia were smaller or want better natural lubrication, it’s worth considering. Take some time to do your research, read testimonials and find a provider near you. Then, sit down for a consultation and discuss the procedure. 

Who knows? Maybe this time next month you’ll be making your own TikTok about how Intima blows ice cubes out of the water. 

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Grab an Ice Cube & Tighten Your Vagina — or You Could Try Intima
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Grab an Ice Cube & Tighten Your Vagina — or You Could Try Intima
Should you tighten your vag with an ice cube, or something that works? Cosmetic surgery personality RaveBabe suggests Intima vaginal rejuvenation.
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