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Maybe Go for Actual Vaginal Rejuvenation Instead of Labia Puffing

Orange half with orangish background

Orange half with orangish backgroundEver feel like you’re not quite as flowery and lovely down there as you once were?

Between popping out kids and scratching and crawling your way through menopause, there are lots of reasons why you might feel that way. But hey, the good news is you’ve got lots of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation options – some much better than others.

Labia Puffing Is a Thing Now? Really?

Cross your legs, ladies, this one’s going to make you say ouch! Labia puffing is apparently a real thing, and it’s sort of becoming popular, too. This procedure does technically involve some invasiveness since it’s essentially a fat transfer to your lady bits.

It starts with a small, hollow tube that gets inserted into your thighs or stomach to remove unwanted fat. Then, that fat is injected into your labia to give it a puffier and fuller appearance. Supposedly the results last forever, or at least for a very long time. But do you really want needles anywhere near your hoo-ha?

Slow Down, Sister! Lasers to the Rescue

Unlike needles poking you in your privates, Intima is virtually painless and only takes a few minutes to perform.

Before you give labia puffing a second thought, please know that vag injections are by no means your only nonsurgical feminine rejuvenation option. Thank your lucky stars that there’s a 15-minute, completely nonsurgical laser treatment called CO2RE Intima that can have your va-jay looking and feeling tight as ever.

Intima uses controlled laser energy to stimulate collagen production in your nether region to make it tighter, wetter and young again. So, please, skip the needles and stick to the tried-and-true.


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Maybe Go for Actual Vaginal Rejuvenation Instead of Labia Puffing
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Maybe Go for Actual Vaginal Rejuvenation Instead of Labia Puffing
What are your nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation options? RaveBabe’s glad you asked. Here’s why you should spring for real treatments and not crazy trends.
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