Vajayjay Treatments

4 Ways to Pretty Up the “Downstairs” for V-Day


Downstairs Because when you present your genitals to your beloved, you want them to be as selfie-ready as possible. Welcome to the 21st century!

Sexy Lingerie

The French have the right idea about underwear. Yes, plain cotton panties are fantastic for every day, but romance requires a soupcon of extra effort. Depending upon what sort of look you’re going for (Vampy Vixen? Gingham-clad Country Girl?), give yourself a treat with a few pieces that will also deliver your lover a special message. Namely: I made an effort; you can at least take off your socks.

Heart-Shaped Waxing

Or maybe a lightening bolt, for all of you Sex in the City fans.

Honestly, we don’t know that many people who are tremendously impressed by styled pubic hair, but if you want to make a bold statement, wearing your heart below your belt will at least be a talking point.


For those of you who missed the unveiling of this trend four years ago, vajazzling is a process that involves 1) a Brazilian wax, and 2) gluing Swarovski crystals on the mons. If you’re looking for a way to give yourself a fairy’s va-jay-jay, we say: Go for it.


Not to be taken lightly, this is an option that requires a fair amount of planning ahead. If you have vaginal functionality issues and/or find your labia aesthetically troubling, talk to your plastic surgeon about labiaplasty. Tidying up your inner labia can help you feel more comfortable during sex. Or heck, just while showing off your lady bits!

Seriously, if you have reservations about the look of your nether-regions, you might want to pay special close attention to your pre-Valentine’s day preparations. Just a little extra consideration can make your lady parts look and feel ready for some date night lovin’.

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