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Eyelid Surgery to Look Like Barbie??

eyelid surgery barbie

eyelid surgery barbieYou’ll be hard-pressed to find a 90s baby who wasn’t obsessed with her Barbie collection back in the day. But what happens when you never grow out of that phase?

Well, if you’re 30-year-old Ophelia Vanity, you get eyelid surgery to look more like the wide-eyed doll herself.

It’s Another Human Barbie, Ladies and Gents

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s another wannabe Barbie coming out of the woodwork every day? This time, it’s a 30-year-old from LA named Ophelia, who’s already dropped $35,000 on cosmetic surgery to look “more Caucasian and less Chinese” so she can resemble her favorite iconic doll.

Most recently, Ophelia spent $4,000 on eyelid surgery to give her those characteristic deer-in-headlights eyes that Barbie’s known for. She also gets regular BOTOX® and lip injections to maintain the perfect Barbie doll pout, plus has plans to get a boob job, have her eye color permanently changed and have six ribs removed. Ouch.

Let’s Talk Self-Esteem

By her own admission, Ophelia has struggled with self-esteem issues her whole life. She claims that the extensive surgeries have helped her to see her body in a more positive light and that she feels completely satisfied with the changes.

But her plans to have additional, more drastic, surgeries in the future beg to differ. Girl power all the way if you want to spring for some plastic surgery, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. The world doesn’t need more Barbie dolls, but it could always use more unique, self-empowered ladies.


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Eyelid Surgery to Look Like Barbie??
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Eyelid Surgery to Look Like Barbie??
Newsflash – one of the benefits of eyelid surgery is NOT to look like a Barbie doll. Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares the story of yet another wannabe Barbie.
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