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Can a Really Good Squeeze Pop Your Breast Implants?

woman squeezing breast implants

woman squeezing breast implantsYou go to all the trouble of planning for your breast augmentation: finding a good plastic surgeon, taking time off work, getting yourself ready for surgery. Then, someone comes along and pops them with a squeeze. Wait. Is this something that can actually happen?

So, Can Squeezing Pop Breast Implants?

Unless your ta-tas are being squeezed by the Hulk, your implants are fine. While we aren’t advocating aggressive breast-squeezing (unless that’s what you’re into), you don’t have to worry about one of your implants giving out mid-squeeze. While we don’t doubt how strong your significant other is, he or she is not going to bust your implant (though that’s not meant to be taken as a challenge). So, squeeze away because your implants are fine and there are more important things to worry about. Like not getting potato boob.

Things That Actually Could Rupture Your Implants

While you should always be careful with your body, breast implants are pretty durable things.

It’s true that breast implants are strong enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic gropes and squeezes. However, those things are not totally invincible. It’s rare, but implant rupture does happen. Of course, this is generally caused by a major accident or a seriously bad fall (so, be careful out there).

A ruptured implant isn’t always the result of some major trauma, either. It is possible for an implant to become damaged and spring a leak. Seriously, though, this doesn’t happen very often so don’t lose too much sleep worrying about potential boob-popping scenarios.

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Can a Really Good Squeeze Pop Your Breast Implants?
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Can a Really Good Squeeze Pop Your Breast Implants?
Can squeezing pop breast implants? Find out how susceptible your boobs are to squeezing and other things that could cause you to be afraid for your tatas.
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