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How to Avoid “Potato Boob” after Breast Augmentation

shocked looking woman covering breasts

shocked looking woman covering breastsWhen you’re planning a boob job, it can seem like all your problems are about to be solved. Bigger boobs, more confidence, happier you – check! While it’s tempting to stick with the good news, don’t forget to look into the less pleasing side of breast augmentation too, such as how to avoid “potato boob” developing with the formation of scar tissue around your breast implants.

Ummm What Are Potato Boobs?

Potato boob,” as the name suggests, is a lumpy, misshapen boob that’s been affected by the formation of scar tissue. Repeated breast implant surgery can be a cause of this, as can failing to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s post-surgical instructions. Either way, you’re sure to want to avoid it! It’s normal for boobs to look a little weird after breast implants, but most should settle with time.

The formation of scar tissue is just one reason why you’ll want to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s advice after breast implants – don’t risk it!

No Tater Tots for You!

The first step towards avoiding problems with the formation of scar tissue after breast implants is to work with an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Make sure to choose one who has a lot of experience of breast augmentation and can show evidence of great results. Aside from this, do what you’re told to do after the procedure and make use of silicone bandages, sheeting and gels, which can help to reduce scarring. Whatever you decide to do to combat potentially resembling a potato, make sure to run it by your board certified cosmetic surgeon first and don’t do anything they advise you not to.

If you do notice any unpleasant side effects, or some you’re unsure of, after breast augmentation, get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon for advice.



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How to Avoid "Potato Boob" after Breast Augmentation
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How to Avoid "Potato Boob" after Breast Augmentation
Worried about the formation of scar tissue around a breast implant? Beauty expert RaveBabe explains how you can help avoid potentially embarrassing issues.
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