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Being a Brazilian Butt Lift Bandit Is So Not Worth It but the BBL Is

Close up of a woman's backside in a black swimsuit.

Close up of a woman's backside in a black swimsuit.Cosmetic surgery — it’s lifechanging, but it isn’t cheap. Well, it isn’t if you’re doing it right. So it’s no wonder why many ladies looking to improve their appearance struggle to get the cash together for their procedures.

Just ask Natwaina Clark.

Ms. Clark wanted a more lavish lifestyle than her Gainesville, Florida government job afforded her. She wanted nice things, to travel and to plump up her booty — not things she could do on her salary. So she got creative. As part of her job, she had access to the Gainesville government’s credit cards. She treated herself, took a few vacations and got a Brazilian butt lift.

So when she got caught, she was, of course, given the nickname, “Butt Lift Bandit.” Newsflash, ladies: you don’t have to be a bandit to get a booty lift.

So Should You, Like, Get a Government Job, Too?

I mean, if the benefits are good, sure, but not to get your hands on some sweet government credit cards.

Remove “theft” from your list of ways to pay for a Brazilian butt lift — there are better options.

I won’t lie to you: Brazilian butt lifts can get a little pricy. The national average is around $4,500, not including associated fees. But a Brazilian butt lift in NYC and other large cities can run over $20,000, depending on who you go to.

If you don’t have that kind of extra money lying around, we feel you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the BBL benefits you want without robbing the government or engaging in shady medical tourism.

Then How Can I Pay for a BBL?

If the idea of affording the cosmetic surgery you want feels out of reach, take a deep breath. You might have more options than you likely realize. The ones available to you might vary a bit based on the policies of the cosmetic surgeon you select, but just a few possibilities are:

  • Medical credit cards. These cards can only be used for medical care, which means you don’t have to worry about getting it for surgery and then overspending on, say, a new booty-centric wardrobe. Many offer good interest rates as well.
  • A normal credit card. Most cosmetic surgeons are happy to accept at least some credit cards. If you want to apply for one specifically for your BBL, make sure your cosmetic surgeon accepts the carrier before you apply.
  • A personal bank loan. Unlike most bank loans, a personal loan can be used for pretty much anything, including boosting your booty.
  • An unsecured medical loan. You usually have to get this through your doctor, so ask the cosmetic surgeon you select if this is an option.
  • Payment plans. Many cosmetic surgeons allow you to choose an interest-free payment plan, giving you the chance to pay for your perfected bottom over time.

Ultimately, there are significantly more options than stealing from the government. Which, you know, is a good thing. BBLs are great and all, but prison, not so much.


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Being a Brazilian Butt Lift Bandit Is So Not Worth It but the BBL Is
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Being a Brazilian Butt Lift Bandit Is So Not Worth It but the BBL Is
Looking to cut costs on your BBL? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains how to make Brazilian butt lift costs work for your budget.
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