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Ask for The Ordinary and a Plastic Surgeon Will Thank You

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Plastic SurgeonIt’s no secret that there are some weird, wonderful and downright strange examples of plastic surgery out there. Forked tongues, elfin ears and wings are all genuine requests received by plastic surgeons, as well as ears called James, which will be expanded upon later. Most reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons will turn down many of the strange requests they receive, for a variety of reasons, but you should be grateful to those who make them. Why? Your plastic surgeon will be delighted that you have a simple custom request to make.

Should Strange Plastic Surgery Go Ahead?

There are bound to be those who argue that people have the right to request whatever they want be done to their bodies, but a reputable plastic surgeon will have numerous reasons for turning down strange requests.

Those ears called James? They were extra bits from necrotic gauges that had Red Bull cans stuck through them. There have also been cases where breast implants were used in buttocks – not recommended!Plastic surgery is permanent, so any surgeon with a conscience will refuse to make ears pointy, tongues forked and belly buttons removed for a cyborg look.

Requesting Custom Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgeon turning down a strange request doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to provide any custom-tailored work, of course. In fact, if the plastic surgeon you choose has had multiple odd requests in the past, they’ll be more likely to thank you for simply wanting a tweak to a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or mommy makeover. The key to successful plastic surgery is making it truly yours, just not getting carried away with unrealistic fantasies. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you to create a procedure that is perfect for you.

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