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4 Weird Plastic Surgery Procedures You Should Avoid

Weird Plastic Surgery

Weird Plastic SurgeryIn this world of weird and wacky, there’s a fair share of weird plastic surgery procedures that defy both sense and reason. Here’s a brief look into the strange procedures people elect to have to change their appearance, whether for the better or for other unknown reasons.

  1. Eyelash Transplants

    At face value, eyelash transplantation sort of makes sense. Your eyelashes are sparse, keep falling off or just lack a sense of character. So you have hairs transplanted from another part of your body. Only thing is, they keep growing. Yes, they grow and grow so you need to snip them ever so often. You also need tiny curling irons to curve them.

  2. Change Your Palm Lines

    Fate’s been giving you a rough time, so you decide to do one over on her. You go change your palm lines because that will automatically change your fate. Or not. Maybe Fate will just have a good laugh and give you some good luck.

        A line ought to be drawn between truly useful and downright weird plastic surgery procedures.

  3. Stone-Face BOTOX®

    When playing poker, your “tell” will surely make you lose, that is unless you have it removed with some BOTOX® injections. Some players have had all their facial muscles immobilized with Botox to prevent other players from reading their facial micro-expressions. We can see how that makes total sense.

  4. Elfin Ears

    You loved Lord of the Rings so much you want to become part of the Elder race? There’s a plastic surgery for that: an otoplastic procedure sharpens your outer ear to resemble elfish ears. While the procedure has no medical benefits, it might help you find your very own Arwen.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: plastic surgery is all well and good if you’re looking to enhance your natural assets, but for pity’s sake, please avoid the weird plastic surgery stuff.

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