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A Nose Job Could Make Pumpkin Spice Season Even Better

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Nose JobMany things remind us of autumn. Leaves crunching underfoot, trading in those flip-flops for boots. And pumpkin spice, well, everything. Of course, if you have nasal issues that keep your schnoz from doing its job correctly, you may not get to enjoy this seasonal phenomenon. Before you let this cruel fate turn you into a bitter husk of a person, know that there’s hope in functional rhinoplasty.

Nose Jobs: Not Just for Looks

Getting rhinoplasty to smooth out a bump that bugs you is totally cool. But nose jobs aren’t always about looking better. Functional rhinoplasty benefits people who suffer from nasal problems like deviated septums or nasal polyps, which can cause major issues such as snoring, trouble sleeping and not being able to smell that pumpkin spice latte. Or pumpkin spice candle. Or soap. Or lotion. You get the idea.

You can combine your functional rhinoplasty with cosmetic rhinoplasty so you’ll be able to smell your pumpkin spice latte, and look fabulous while doing it.

Christmas in Autumn: Your Insurance Might Cover Functional Rhinoplasty

While you might have crowdsource your new boobs or pinch pennies to save up for that Brazilian butt lift you’ve maybe been thinking about, your insurance company probably will fork over the dough to fix your ill-functioning nose. The key is to get started early because if insurance companies are really good at one thing it’s making people come up with tons of paperwork when they file claims. Be ready to prove your nose really needs help, which shouldn’t be too hard with the assistance of your friendly neighborhood facial plastic surgeon.

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A Nose Job Could Make Pumpkin Spice Season Even Better
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A Nose Job Could Make Pumpkin Spice Season Even Better
Wondering about functional rhinoplasty benefits? These facts about non-cosmetic nose jobs may be music to your ears (or pumpkin spice to your nose).
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