Boobie Reduction

Would You Try Crowdfunding Your Breast Reduction?

woman with lots of money

Breast ReductionPeople crowdfund everything these days, from college funds to breast reductions. Before you put on your judgmental hat, though, take a look at one woman’s story.

Kya, a 21-year-old with HH boobs once got stuck in a bathtub because of the size of her chest. That’s part of the reason why she’s started a crowdfunding campaign to raise £8,000 for a breast reduction. She also struggles with some of these common reasons why women choose to have a breast reduction.

They’re Interfering with Your Daily Life

If, like Kya, you can hardly get out of bed in the morning or have ever gotten stuck in a bathtub thanks to your oversized knockers, you might be a prime candidate for a breast reduction.

They’re Causing Medical Problems

Having very large breasts isn’t always a blessing. For Kya, the sheer weight of her HH breasts pulls down so heavily that her bra straps cause her shoulders to bleed. Unfortunately, doctors haven’t deemed this enough of a medical issue for medical insurance to foot the bill. But if you’re experiencing similar concerns, check with your insurance provider to see if they might cover the cost of your breast reduction. 

It’s not uncommon for overly large breasts to cause chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.

They’re Making You Depressed

Another absolutely acceptable reason for a breast reduction is that your self-esteem and body image have plummeted because of the size of your breasts.

If you find yourself staying home instead of socializing with friends, or if your breasts get in the way of exercise and sports, you might want to talk to a plastic surgeon about your breast reduction options.


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