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A Dancing Plastic Surgeon May Sound Cool, But Is It Safe?

Dancing Plastic Surgeon

Dancing Plastic SurgeonYou might have already seen the headlines for the “Dancing Doctor” who just got her medical license revoked for some questionable videos that the doctor herself posted on her YouTube channel. When you’re searching for a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation or any other procedure for that matter, should social media usage play a part in your decision?

I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

Now-former doctor Windell Boutte of Atlanta, Georgia is facing several lawsuits, as well as dealing with a medical license suspension thanks to public videos of the doctor dancing and singing while performing cosmetic surgery on patients. One video featured the doc dancing to “Bad and Boujee” while members of her surgical team twerked along in the background.

According to Boutte, these videos were all pre-planned and featured consented patients. The idea was to not only market her services, similarly to the infamous Dr. Miami, but to also educate patients and help them shake off their anxieties about cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Miami has come under fire more than once for showcasing plastic surgeries on his public Snapchat account.

Still, some former patients say that they suffered through severe pain, infection, disfigurements and even brain damage as a result of their surgeries performed by Boutte.

Save the Dancing for Dancers

Even if you want a lighthearted, fun cosmetic surgeon, you should probably steer clear of anyone who’s too into their social media channels and not quite as into giving you the safest environment possible. If you’re searching for a cosmetic surgeon for a boob job, butt implants, tummy tuck or any other major surgery, do some serious online investigating before signing yourself up.

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A Dancing Plastic Surgeon May Sound Cool, But Is It Safe?
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A Dancing Plastic Surgeon May Sound Cool, But Is It Safe?
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