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Would Showcase Your Plastic Surgery on Snapchat?

snapchat plastic surgery

snapchat plastic surgeryThanks to internet, we live in a time when the personal can be as public as we want it to be. People share all sorts of things on social media, from the marvelous (Just Married!) to the mundane (just made a bowl of chili). But how game would you be to have your innards featured on a plastic surgeon’s social media?

Dr. Miami Starts New Trend in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as Dr. Miami, has become a digital pioneer as far as plastic surgeons go. Several years ago, he began featuring footage of his plastic surgery procedures on Snapchat, doing tummy tucks on camera to the steady thrum of a hip-hop soundtrack. His uploads spread like wildfire, drumming up tremendous business for him and inspiring a number of copycat plastic surgeons. On any given day, 75,000 people or more tune in to watch his videos.

Must Be a Millennial Thing

Their friends want to watch their plastic surgery procedure live.

Not only do Dr. Miami’s patients consent to being filmed while getting a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation or the like, many flock to him because they want to be a part of his whole vibe. They make requests for which music will be played during their procedure.

It’s Not on Fleek

Dr. Miami discovered an ingenious way to boost his profile and drive business his way, as have the other plastic surgeons who’ve adopted his social media habits. Some dress in costumes or play with body tissue on live camera while performing plastic surgery. But there’s growing concern that this behavior is inappropriate and may be misaligned with the ethics that undergird medicine. Fortunately for those who prefer a more conventional approach, there are plenty of board-certified plastic surgeons who do things by the book.


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Would Showcase Your Plastic Surgery on Snapchat?
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Would Showcase Your Plastic Surgery on Snapchat?
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