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4 Weird Ways Women Keep Trying to Improve Their Boobs

Improve Boobs

Improve Their BoobsSince time immemorial, women have been trying to make their boobs bigger and better. From herbal supplements to a patented cold water boob douche (yes, this actually existed), there’s been no shortage of strange and unusual products promising to plump those puppies. Here are some of the weird things women are still doing.

  1. Ribbon Tying

    So, boob ribbons are a thing. Inspired by an anime character, it seems that real non-cartoon women are also trying out the technique. The idea is to tie a length of ribbon under your breasts and around each arm. That way, when you lift your arms your breasts will also raise up. While it is an interesting theory, it mostly just cuts off your circulation and looks pretty weird to boot.

  2. Miracle Creams

    Rub this goo all over your girls and they’ll grow! Yes, that would actually be a miracle. If there were really some cream or serum that made your ta-tas bigger, plastic surgeons would have been out of business years ago. They should probably name this stuff “disappointment in a jar.”

  3. Good Vibrations

    Some people claim that a little hands-on stimulation can make your breasts larger. For those who aren’t in to letting someone grope your girls in the name of beauty, there’s a vibrating bra that can do the work. Unfortunately, as you may have already guessed, this totally doesn’t work (and probably looks really funny).

  4. Pads and Cutlets and Stuffing, Oh My!

    Maybe adding some bulk to your bra in the form of pads, cutlets or even toilet tissue isn’t necessarily weird. Or is it? When you think about the potential for wardrobe malfunctions, the general discomfort, the boob sweat –  it’s really not practical for a grown woman.

        Let’s face it, these tactics only serve as a temporary bust booster.

    Once your bra comes off, the illusion will be revealed.

    The bare naked truth of the matter is that the only way to truly and permanently enlarge your breasts is through surgical breast augmentation. A plastic surgeon can give you natural-looking results, no ribbons or vibrating bras needed.

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