Boob Jobs

4 Totally Legit Reasons to Get a Boob Job

Get a Boob Job

Get a Boob JobSo you think you want a boob job, but maybe you’re searching for the perfect reason to justify breast implants. You’re welcome to sample from our list of highly legitimate reasons for going big in the boob department.

  1. Your Boyfriend Loves Giant, Fake Boobs

    Whether he’s the flavor of the week or your longtime love, you should probably make his dream of having a lady friend with hefty, fake boobs come true. You supply the real estate and let him pick the improvements, i.e. those perfectly perky breast implants that will have your cleavage making an entrance well before the rest of you. It’s what loving girlfriends do.

  2. You Want a New Bikini

    Summer is a hot minute away and summer means obligatory bikini selfies, right? If you get bigger, badder boobs before beach season, you’ll just have to get some new swimwear that fits the new you. Maybe some bikini tops with sequins or glitter to shine a beacon on your assets?

  3. There’s a Boob Job Sale

    All that late-night web browsing and planning your theoretical breast augmentation finally paid off, and you stumbled upon a plastic surgeon offering a discount on boob jobs. Sweet! It would be fiscally irresponsible to not take advantage of a deal. After all, we know you’re trying hard to get the hang of the money management side of this adulting business.

  4. Just Because

    You know how your parents answered all your questions with “because” when you were a kid? As annoying as it was then, they were on to something. It turns out “just because” is a pretty good reason for anything. Take a random trip to Spain. Go skinny dipping. Get a boob job. “Just because” can explain it all.

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