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3 Weird Things You May Experience after a Boob Job

Boob Job

Boob JobIt’s easy to understand boob job recovery requires some healing and adjustment – after all it is surgery. But who would think it could be so odd? Here are 3 types of weirdness you may experience after your boobies’ big day:

The Great Southward Migration

When your cosmetic surgeon places your implant, it’s most often located a little higher than where it’s ultimately planned to settle. While ultimately this gives your boobs a more natural and attractive look, in the time right after your surgery your breasts may sit a little high. This can look and feel a little strange at first, but as the implants settle downward they’ll feel and look more natural.

Are My Boobs Talking to Me?

One odd but common side-effect in the weeks after a boob job is a variety of sounds coming out of your chest. Sloshing, gurgling, squeaking and even buzzing is reported by many women who have recently undergone breast enhancement. This is totally normal, though.

  During your boob job recovery, small air bubbles and fluid that result from your surgery will be working themselves out and dissipating, causing the occasional gurgle or squeak.

When you combine the processing of air and liquid with the movement of your implants settling down into their new homes, your boobs may get downright talkative. But don’t worry, they’ll quiet down after a few weeks and then you won’t hear a peep from them again.

You May Want to Rip those Bad Boys Out

Surgery can leave you feeling sore and emotionally drained. The day after you may get cold feet and be tempted to call in your cosmetic surgery team for an extraction. Don’t make any rash decisions, though! These feelings are normal during a boob job recovery and will eventually turn into satisfaction and confidence.

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