3 Secret Uses for BOTOX®

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Secret Uses for BOTOXBOTOX® is our BFF when it comes to disappearing wrinkles, but there are even more things that BOTOX is secretly very good at. Like some kind of guardian superhero (a dark knight of cosmetics?), BOTOX has a way of offering surprising solutions to problems that you didn’t even know where in its wheelhouse.

To be sure, there’s no denying BOTOX’s primary purpose: to help us hide pesky lines and wrinkles (especially those caused and exacerbated by muscle contractions). This means hiding frown lines, crow’s feet, that kind of thing. BOTOX is awesome at that.

But there are these secret uses—okay not secret, but definitely less obvious—that have cropped up over time, too. Maybe it’s time to shine a light on these BOTOX shenanigans!

Treating Migraines

We were surprised to read the other day that BOTOX has been used quite effectively to treat migraines. To be sure, migraines aren’t the first think we think of when we think of BOTOX. Wrinkles, yes—headaches, no.

And yet, research has shown consistently that regular injections of BOTOX can actually keep migraines at bay. They don’t necessarily “cure” migraines. But they can diminish both the frequency and the severity of migraine headaches.

We’re not necessarily talking about BOTOX as a cure for bad headaches. Instead, this is a treatment that is generally administered to those who are chronic migraine sufferers. So—a lot of bad headaches. Of course, this is the type of treatment that should only be performed with the permission and knowledge of your doctor. You should not go into your local medspa and get BOTOX for your wrinkles and then expect it to work on your migraines.

Still, the fact that, when properly administered, BOTOX can help mitigate migraines is pretty impressive.

Help with TMJ

For those of you who don’t know, TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. And TMJ syndrome stands for pain and discomfort. A lot of it. Essentially, the joints in your jaw become inflamed or cause the muscles around the area to become inflamed. There’ s a lot of inflammation going on. For sure.

Obviously, this doesn’t feel good. And the more pain TMJ syndrome causes, the more swollen your jaw becomes. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. And that’s where BOTOX comes in. Because a few well administered injections of BOTOX can help those muscles relax.

As the muscles relax, the inflammation recedes. Of course, there are other treatments for TMJ as well—and a medical professional will be able to determine if BOTOX is the right course of action.

Diminishing Depression

Finally, we come to depression. And by this, we don’t mean a little bit of sadness, we mean full on clinical depression. Much of the research is still out on this, but early indications seem to hint that BOTOX injections can help treat long term, stubborn clinical depression.

Essentially, depressed patients who received BOTOX in trials tended to show fewer depression episodes (and those episodes tended to last for a significantly shorter amount of time).

As the science types say, “correlation does not equal causation.” But there are plenty of patients who consider a correlation good enough—especially if it’s effective enough. We’re not totally sure how common this treatment has become, but it’s not completely unlikely that you might be able to find BOTOX to help lift your mood.

But let’s be clear: mental health is incredibly important, and you should never switch medications without talking to a medical professional first.

Don’t Try This at Home

In case you haven’t noticed the common theme between all of these secret uses for BOTOX, it’s this: talk to a doctor first. We can’t emphasize that enough! But it’s nice to know that BOTOX has all of these uses. In fact, we wouldn’t be entirely shocked if next week surgeons announced yet another “secret” use for BOTOX.

Oh, and we totally realize that none of these uses are actually “secret” (the whole talking to your doctor thing should have made that obvious). But these uses definitely are not talked about quite as much as more traditional uses (zapping wrinkles).

Hopefully we’ve been able to shed a little bit of light on these “secret” uses—so at least you know they’re there if you need them!

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3 Secret Uses for BOTOX | Surprising Ways to Use BOTOX
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