How BOTOX® Could Heal Your Summer Fling Heartbreak

Beautiful Woman Outdoors

Beautiful Woman Outdoors

Once upon a time, the post-breakup period typically involved a truck-sized tub of Ben & Jerry’s, wine and a whole lot of trashy television. In some cases, a trip to the salon was in order to get a new haircut. Nowadays, we’re witnessing an alternative method of coping: Breakup BOTOX®.

Finding Your Feet

Instead of moping around for weeks or months because they got jilted by Mr. Not-So-Right, modern women are booking medical spa appointments and using BOTOX® to look and feel fabulous.

Boost Your Mood

If you’re nursing a bad case of heartbreak, you probably don’t want to walk around like a sad sack for the rest of the summer. Because a perma-frown sure isn’t the best way to get back into the dating game, BOTOX® may help with your furrowed brow and boost your mood.

BOTOX® injections can potentially alleviate short-term depression, which makes it one of the perfect remedies for the breakup blues. Perhaps this is because BOTOX® temporarily halts the muscles responsible for frowns. Maybe, just maybe, if you can’t frown, you can’t feel too bummed about the bum who broke your heart.

Treat Yourself

Whether it’s a quick fling or a long-term situation you’re mourning, the end of a relationship can make you feel a loss of control in your life. That’s why doing things like getting a new haircut or scheduling a med spa appointment can help you feel better. While BOTOX® can’t resuscitate a dead love, it can make you feel good about investing in yourself.

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