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3 Really Gross Spa Treatments You’ll Definitely Regret

woman hiding behind feather boa

woman hiding behind feather boaIn a time when wasp venom, snake slime and vampire facials are gaining more internet stardom than they probably should, you might think you’ve heard it all when it comes to outlandish cosmetic treatments. Unfortunately, we’re apparently just getting started.

If you’re looking for skin treatments for flawless skin, please don’t try these utterly gross but sadly real spa treatments.

  1. The Bird Poop Facial

    Don’t lose your lunch, but this facial is exactly what it sounds like.For $180, you can head to Manhattan and willingly have bird poop slathered on your face. The New York day spa claims that this treatment can actually rejuvenate your skin and unclog pores. Even so, I think I’ll pass.

  2. Hay Baths

    If you don’t have allergies yet, you will after this strange med spa treatment.A spa in Italy will wrap your body in fresh, soaked hay so that your skin can, in theory, reap the benefits of the plants’ natural oils.

    The big question is, what the heck do they do with all that hay?

  3. Slithering Snake Massage

    Before you put snakes on your skin, try a good old-fashioned facial to relieve tension headaches. No snakes required.

    Feeling a little achy this morning? Have a migraine? You could head over to Tel Aviv, Israel and let some live king snakes slither around on your back.

    Not interested? Yeah, me neither. Save yourself a major case of the goosebumps and just go for legit med spa treatments to improve your skin instead.

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3 Really Gross Spa Treatments You'll Definitely Regret
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3 Really Gross Spa Treatments You'll Definitely Regret
Searching for skin treatments for flawless skin? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe suggests staying far, far away from these vomit-worthy spa treatments.
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