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You Can Remove a Tattoo with Salt?! How about You Don’t?

woman getting tattoo removed

woman getting tattoo removedThere are lots of reasons why you might want to get rid of your tattoo. Maybe it didn’t quite come out like you’d hoped. Or maybe you’ve just outgrown the thing. It happens. But what you shouldn’t be doing to try to get rid of it is rubbing salt on your skin until it, well, scrapes off.

Please, Don’t Try This at Home

Somehow, the internet decided that using salt to remove a tattoo at home is a viable and totally reasonable option. Well, it’s not now and never will be, so please, don’t try this one.

The way it’s supposed to work is really pretty simple. If you rub salt or any other abrasive material against your skin long and hard enough, it’s going to start wearing away the layers of your skin. But this isn’t a simple exfoliation job. Tattoo ink lives in the dermis—the middle layer—of your skin, so you’d have to scrape through the entire upper layer in order to get to it.

If taking salt to your skin like sandpaper doesn’t sound like fun, you might want to give laser tattoo removal a try.

Talk to Someone about Laser Tattoo Removal

Honestly, there really isn’t a safe and effective way to get rid of a tattoo on your own. So if you’ve got some ink that you’d rather not have anymore, your best bet is to talk to a trained professional about laser tattoo removal.

Sure, it might take a few treatment sessions, but at least when it’s done, you’ll have smooth, healthy skin and not serious scarring and possibly a nasty infection from taking the salt shaker to your skin.


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You Can Remove a Tattoo with Salt?! How about You Don’t?
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You Can Remove a Tattoo with Salt?! How about You Don’t?
Can you remove a tattoo at home with salt? Technically. Should you? Absolutely not. Ravebabe explains why this at-home tattoo removal method is downright scary.
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