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3 Old School Skin Care Tricks You May Want to Try This Summer

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Skin Care TricksEver wonder how your mother or even grandmother always had such glowing skin in those old photos? Turns out, she probably had a few homemade skin care tricks up her sleeve. Here are three throwback summer skin care tips you might want to try to get that gorgeous glow.

  1. Eyebrows on Fleek with Castor Oil

    In case you haven’t heard, the full, natural look is in right now. To get those Audrey Hepburn brows, try dabbing a few drops of castor oil them to help stimulate hair growth. As an added bonus, this ingredient may also prevent future hair loss if your eyebrows are on the thinner side.

  2. Turmeric Body Mask

    For beautiful, dewy summer skin, try whipping up a batch of grandma’s old-school body mask. You’ll need turmeric, oatmeal, honey, milk, lemon juice, flour and rosewater. Once mixed into a paste and applied all over your body, this concoction is supposed to exfoliate your skin for a smooth summer glow.

    It might smell a little funny, but turmeric has some amazing qualities for your skin, like reducing scars and clearing acne.

    If you really want to exfoliate and smooth your complexion, up the ante a little with microdermabrasion treatments or chemical peels.

  3. Lemon Juice for Freckles

    If freckles bothered you back in the day, your mother might have told you to try using lemon juice to brighten your skin and get rid of spots.

    Just be careful if you’re going to try this one, because sun exposure plus lemon juice can be a risky combination.

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3 Old School Skin Care Tricks You May Want to Try This Summer
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3 Old School Skin Care Tricks You May Want to Try This Summer
On the lookout for some summer skin care tips for glowing skin? Plastic surgery personality Ravebabe has you covered with these three old school tricks.
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