Laser Resurfacing

4 Benefits of a Laser Facial

Woman with head on hands

Woman with head on handsIf you want to restore a healthy, youthful glow to your complexion but you’re not sure you want to commit to the expense or downtime of traditional laser resurfacing treatments just yet, a laser facial may be just what you need. Here are four of the beautiful benefits offered by a laser facial.

  1. Evens Out Skin Tone

    The Laser Genesis used during a laser facial works like a gentle eraser to soften and fade dark spots and uneven pigmentation. This FDA-approved, noninvasive treatment can leave your complexion looking more even and radiant without the downtime that stronger laser treatments require.

  2. Improves Imperfections

    Laser facial treatments have been scientifically proven to promote collagen production, which can help diminish fine lines and improve skin tone and texture. For patients with mild facial scarring, the laser facial may be able to improve the appearance of the scars, although moderate to severe scarring may require a stronger form of laser skin rejuvenation, such as Fraxel®.

  3. Completely Chemical-Free

    Although chemical peels can be a very effective method of skin rejuvenation, they’re not for everyone. Men and women with more sensitive skin may be unable to tolerate chemical peels, and others may not have the time to commit to the recovery peels require. Laser facials offer a chemical-free alternative.

  4. A Gentler Touch

    Although highly effective, traditional ablative laser resurfacing is a very aggressive treatment that requires a significant amount of downtime. While some patients may require this level of correction, the majority of men and women can see impressive benefits with the much gentler laser facial.

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