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You Can Have a Baby after a Tummy Tuck, but Should You?

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Baby after Tummy TuckThere are a lot of things you can do, but probably shouldn’t. Like expressing your love for tropical birds through your fashion choices. Or using plastic surgery to fix your mommy issues. What about having a baby after you’ve had a tummy tuck? Where does that fall on the “can but shouldn’t” spectrum?

Good news: it’s not the end of the world if you get pregnant after having a tummy tuck.

Babies Don’t Care about Your Tummy Tuck

Okay, so maybe in a perfect world you’d wait until after you’re finished having kids to get a tummy tuck. In real life, though, things don’t always go according to the timeline you imagined. Maybe you just want to cinch up your tummy before you have kids. Or maybe you had a bonus kid after having a tummy tuck. Know this: your little peanut has absolutely no regard for how great your tummy tuck turned out. It’s all going to be okay, though.

So, How Bad Is It to Have a Post-Tuck Baby?

Here’s the deal. You may experience some additional stretching from a post-tummy tuck pregnancy, which could definitely affect your surgical results. That said, there is absolutely reason you should freak out over getting pregnant after having abdominoplasty. You just have to accept that you might not look the same after the pregnancy as you did after you first had the tummy tuck. If the change is significant enough, seek the wise counsel of your plastic surgeon regarding the possibility of revision surgery. For the time being, don’t stress over it.

There are way too many other things to worry about when it comes to pregnancy — like how you’re going to deal with peeing a little every time you sneeze.

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You Can Have a Baby after a Tummy Tuck, but Should You?
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You Can Have a Baby after a Tummy Tuck, but Should You?
You can totally have a baby after tummy tuck surgery, but should you? Get the lowdown on what happens when you get pregnant after you have abdominoplasty.
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