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3 Ways to Reclaim Your Curves after Pregnancy

Pregnant woman and child

Pregnant woman and childThe body goes through many changes during pregnancy to accommodate the precious life growing inside, but the effects of those changes can last long after the baby is born. Although many mothers can be left unhappy with their post-baby body, there are three options that can help you feel sexy and confident again.

  1. Breast Enhancement

    Many new moms are frustrated when their once-youthful, perky breasts become deflated and saggy after size fluctuations due to hormones and breastfeeding. A breast augmentation, breast lift or combination of the two can help bring out the best in your breasts again. While implants restore fullness and increase volume, a lift can bring droopy breasts back to a sexier profile and higher placement.

  2. Tummy Tuck

    During pregnancy, the stomach stretches and expands as your baby’s body grows. After the baby’s arrival, the stomach can be left looking flabby and loose. Lax skin and muscles can only be addressed surgically, so no amount of healthy eating or tummy crunches will get rid of that unsightly pooch. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and retightens the abdominal muscles, leaving a smooth, toned abdominal profile that’s once again ready for swimsuit season.

  3. Liposuction

    Unfortunately, almost everyone has a few isolated fat deposits that will not respond to diet or exercise. For these areas, liposuction is an effective option for removing that stubborn fat, leaving behind a smoother, more contoured silhouette. Also, many moms choosing a breast augmentation or tummy tuck find that liposuction is a perfect way to enhance the results of those procedures as well. With the right combination of procedures, you can definitely reclaim your pre-baby curves.

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