Mommy Makeover

Will Plastic Surgery Fix Your Mommy Issues?

Mommy Issues

Mommy IssuesMost women are excited about mommy makeover benefits like a flatter stomach and firmer breasts. But what about using plastic surgery as a way to address your inner turmoil?

It’s Surgery, Not Psychology

Any good plastic surgeon will agree that you need to have healthy expectations. Plastic surgery does offer a way to help you look better and feel more confident. However, plastic surgery will not fix deep-seated psychological issues. A legit plastic surgeon can spot those folks from a mile away, along with their unhealthy illusions.

…But People Try Anyway

Unfortunately, a few people didn’t get the memo. Like the 30-year-old woman from Birmingham, England who has spent a small fortune on over a dozen surgeries all in an effort to look less like her abusive mother. Her money likely would have been better spent on therapy.

On the other side of the mommy issue spectrum, there’s the gal who’s had multiple surgeries in hopes of looking identical to her daughter. To each their own, we suppose, but these are not healthy reasons to get plastic surgery.

   If you’re considering plastic surgery, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

If you’re not expecting plastic surgery to fix your psychological issues, good. Because there are a lot of very real and fantastic mommy makeover benefits. If the only mommy issues you’re looking to fix are things like the fact that your tummy still hangs over your jeans, a mommy makeover can help. If your mommy issues are a little more, well, complicated—you may want to seek the kind of help a plastic surgeon can’t provide.

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