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Are Your DDs Bringing You Down? 3 Signs You Might Consider Breast Reduction

Woman covering breast

Woman covering breastWhile many women want nothing more than to boost their breast size, you may be surprised how many patients suffer with pain, discomfort, and inconvenience due to overly large breasts. For patients with large breasts that limit mobility, restrict wardrobe choices, or attract unwanted attention, breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure. Here are three signs you might consider breast reduction.

  1. Persistent Back and Shoulder Pain

    It’s not uncommon for women with generously-sized bust lines to experience daily pain and discomfort caused by the strain of heavy breast tissue. If persistent back, neck and shoulder pain interrupts your daily life, causes you to lose sleep, or puts a damper on your daily activities, it may be time to consider  surgically reducing your breast size. Heavy breasts can negatively impact posture and cause future back problems, but breast reduction can alleviate pain while preserving moderate contours.

  2. Interference with Daily Activities

    Do you feel like your breasts get in the way of your active lifestyle? If your breast size limits exercise, you may be cheating yourself out of personal enjoyment as well as long-term good health. Some patients find that even the most supportive sports bras don’t offer enough support or adequately limit movement. If this describes your life, even a conservative breast reduction may offer enough benefits that bring the active lifestyle you love closer in reach.

  3. You Feel Self-Conscious

    A dramatic figure sometimes attracts unwanted attention and may leave you feeling self-conscious. Breast size can also limit the styles of clothing you can wear and even make you look heavier than you actually are. If your cup size makes you feel self-conscious, you may consider a breast reduction to direct unwanted attention elsewhere while giving you increased confidence in both your body and your wardrobe.

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