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4 Breast Facts Every Female Athlete Needs to Know

Young woman in the gym

Young woman in the gymFor centuries, the world of sports was predominantly a man’s world. These days, however, female athletes are just as on the global athletic scene. With breasts being an obvious way in which the girls differ from the boys, many female athletes have struggled with how to fit their busts into their physical lifestyle—sometimes quite literally. Here are four important facts you need to know if you are a woman trying to stay at the top of your game.

  1. Lack of Support Will Lead to Sagging

    High impact sports, such as running and basketball, cause stretching in the ligaments that support the breasts. Athletes who fail to properly support their breasts during physical activities are more likely to see irreversible sagging in their breasts over time.

  2. Sports Bras Aren’t Just for Big-Busted Athletes

    Even smaller-chested active women should take precautions to support their breasts. Whether you’re an A cup or a DD, studies have shown that wearing the proper sports bra reduces breast movement during physical activity by approximately the same amount.

  3. Certain Exercises Can Improve Your Breasts’ Appearance

    While no exercises have been proven to increase breast size or volume, certain exercises can have a positive impact on how your breasts look. Strengthening the pectoral muscles, which are underneath the breasts, can give your figure a perkier appearance.

  4. Professional Female Athletes Often Have Breast Surgery

    Some female athletes, like Serena Williams, have managed to remain highly competitive even with large breasts. However, others feel that more generous curves inhibit their range of motion and even affect their ability to perform. Subsequently, many female athletes have famously reduced their breast size or removed breast implants to increase their competitive edge.

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