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Would You Spend $2 Million on a Whole Lotta Body Contouring?

Whole Lotta Body Contouring

Whole Lotta Body ContouringSure, we’ve all got some pesky trouble areas that seem to have overstayed their welcome. But know matter how you slice it, spending millions of dollars on body contouring procedures is extreme. Still, recording artist Shauna Chyn seems to have taken a “when in Rome” approach to plastic surgery, racking up $2 million worth of bootylicious body contouring benefits.

Get a New Booty and Newfound Confidence to Boot

What started as getting a chipped tooth fixed quickly turned into millions of dollars of plastic surgery procedures, including a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction and a butt lift for Caribbean entertainer Shauna Chyn. According to Chyn, these procedures helped to give her the self-confidence boost she needed to move from the role of a recording manager to getting up in front of the camera herself.

Chyn claims to have “squirreled” the money away little by little until she had enough for all the body contouring she wanted. Now, her wallet might be a whole lot thinner, but her booty sure is packin’.

Body contouring can boost your booty and your confidence, but there are some limitations.

How Much Body Contouring Is Too Much?

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with dropping bookoo bucks on plastic surgery to get the bangin’ body you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve gotta be real about it. First off, how much does your budget *really* allow for? Second, your plastic surgeon might be good, but he’s not a magic wand. Don’t expect to come out of surgery a whole new person. Stay grounded out there, girls.

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Would You Spend $2 Million on a Whole Lotta Body Contouring?
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Would You Spend $2 Million on a Whole Lotta Body Contouring?
Do you need to drop millions to reap the benefits of body contouring plastic surgery? Beauty blogger RaveBabe says heck no, even though celebs keep doing it.
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