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Would You Drop a Boatload of Cash to Look Fake?

Look Fake

   Most sensible people who invest in plastic surgery see it as way to enhance their appearance for subtle, natural-looking results.

Look FakeAnd then there are blokes like James Holt and Jordan James Parke. Obviously not fans of the “less is more” adage, these two fellas have taken it to the max, spending tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures to purposefully make themselves look fake.

A Family of Muses

Of course, the urge to drop a boatload of cash to supersize your lips and reinvent your rump shaker has got to come from somewhere. For Holt and Parke, the inspiration behind the pursuit of the highly plasticized appearance came from non other than the Kardashian clan, straight outta Calabasas, California. And since the Kardashians are on track to basically take over the Western world, perhaps it’s time we all take a page from their look book.

Go Whole Hog

You might argue that you don’t have the cash on hand to drop major moolah on injectable fillers or BOTOX®, but that’s no excuse. Holt himself isn’t made of money—he relies on three kind sugar daddies to help him attain the fake look he so covets. If you can’t get yourself a sugar daddy, consider taking out a second mortgage on your home in order to indulge your cosmetic needs.

Maybe you’re not a homeowner, so you can’t leverage that asset. But you have two kidneys and there’s a thriving black market where you can make bank selling off your organs. What are you waiting for? When it comes to pursuing your cosmetic surgery dreams, the sky’s the limit!

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