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Would You Ask Strangers to Pay for Your Lipo or New Boobs?

Woman in black top: crowdfunding for plastic surgery

Woman in black top: crowdfunding for plastic surgeryYou’ve surely heard the stories, right? About creepy guys paying for boob jobs and butt lifts for random women on the Internet. But what about this new twist: a woman-owned company that connects other women with strangers who want to pay for their plastic surgeries?

Still sound kinda sketchy? Here’s the 411 on this company, what to watch out for if you’re thinking about crowdfunding your plastic surgery and some better (ahem, less creepy) ways to pay for your boob job.

Crowdfunding for Plastic Surgery: Yea or Nah?

If you ask Allegra Cole, founder of, she’d say crowdfunding your plastic surgery is just what you need. Cole herself has had four breast augmentations, two Brazilian butt lifts and a tummy tuck. Oh, and did we mention that she got her start as a “big bust glamor model”? So it’s clear to see why the mother of eight thought that getting so much work done was part of her business plan.

Her website is apparently a platform where other moms can post a bio about themselves, hoping that someone will come along who feels like donating the funds to get them their dream plastic surgeries. Cole says that she crowdsourced her second boob job, so she thought she’d help other ladies do the same.

Hold your horses, there, cowgirl. Before you jump on board the crowdfunding ship, you might want to consider other ways of financing your procedure. You know, ones that don’t require you to send pictures of yourself to any angel investors? Here are just a few suggestions.

  1. Talk Payment Options with Your Plastic Surgeon

    Seriously ladies, lots of reputable plastic surgeons offer financing options to help make your breast enhancement or other procedure affordable for non-glamor-models. Be upfront about your budget and other financial constraints at your consultation. Your plastic surgeon just might be able to help you work out a payment plan or financing option that’ll work for you.

  2. Start Saving Now, Benefit Later

    Another option is to put your plastic surgery on hold for a minute until your savings game is strong. But let me tell you, it’s not impossible to save up. Every small step counts. Make a plan and a goal for yourself, and work out the timeline you’ll need to get there.

    In the meantime, you can still research plastic surgeons to find the right one and even set up a consultation, letting them know your timeline and savings plan.

  3. Get a Two for One Deal

    Okay, just to be clear — we’re talking a combination procedure here, which lets you wrap two different procedures into one surgery. Like, get a boob job and liposuction at the same time to save on anesthesia costs, operating room fees and other extra costs that can add up, especially if you get two separate procedures.

    This is NOT an invitation to start bargain hunting a boob job.

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Would You Ask Strangers to Pay for Your Lipo or New Boobs?
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Would You Ask Strangers to Pay for Your Lipo or New Boobs?
Is crowdfunding for plastic surgery legit? Beauty blogger RaveBabe explains how it works, but suggests a few more realistic — and less creepy — options instead.
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