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Wishing for a Strong Jawline? Wish No More, the Tie Tuck Is Here

Strong Jawline

Strong JawlineIf the coveted Brad Pitt-esque jawline that’s just dripping with masculinity is what you’re after, you’re in luck! There is now a plastic surgery procedure made just for men who want a sexy, chiseled jawline and maybe a few less wrinkles. It’s called the tie tuck, gentlemen, and it has your name all over it.

The Tie Tuck Explained

The tie tuck is the invention of celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert, who realized that lots of men are looking for ways to revitalize their appearance, particularly their jawline. And the two-hour tie tuck was born.

It includes radiofrequency and ultrasound skin-tightening procedures, an injectable fat-melting solution called Kybella™, a dermal filler to diminish lines and creases and Dysport®, an injectable wrinkle treatment similar to BOTOX®.

Each piece of the tie tuck can also be performed on its own and still offer great age-defying results.

Other Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

If the tie tuck isn’t quite what you’re looking for, no sweat. There are lots of plastic surgery procedures for men to help you look sharp, slim and sexy.

If puffy nipples or enlarged breasts are keeping you from taking your shirt off by the pool, a male breast reduction might be for you. Liposuction, another common procedure among men, can fine-tune your look even more by getting rid of stubborn fat nearly anywhere on your body.

Maybe you want a younger, more virile look but aren’t necessarily ready for the two-hour tie tuck. In that case, why not try Brotox, BOTOX® for men? This procedure only takes about 20 minutes to perform before you’re out the door and headed back to your normal routine.


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