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Why Do Men Love Fake Boobs?

Fake Boobs

Fake BoobsMen are, by nature, visual creatures. Which somewhat explains why breasts that enter the room before the woman are so downright captivating. The thrill of augmented proportions gets men teetering on the brink of insanity like nothing else. Why? Why do men persist in wanting women who look like a light breeze will be enough to topple them forward?

Die Hard Old Habits

Perhaps these sweetly drooling menfolk are taken back to the time of middle school adolescence and the worship of enormous honkers on a beloved hotrod poster taped to the wall. Call it what you want. Nostalgia, maybe? The innocence of being attracted to obviously fake boobs before they even knew what silicone was?

Or, maybe the primitive attraction to a voluptuous rack goes back to the once-upon-a-time necessity of large breasts being equated with the necessary nourishment to survive. It’s been said by many (not by us, of course) that men are really just big babies after all. But we don’t think that’s the real reason men love the Pamela Andersons of the world.

So What Do Men REALLY Want?

When you see those wandering eyes locking onto your newly augmented boobs, know that what they’re really seeing is actually your augmented confidence. Men love fake boobs because they love women with top-notch self-esteem who love themselves enough to invest in their biggest asset—not their cup size; their self-image. And after all, why shouldn’t the man in your life love your breast implants just as much as you do?

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