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What Botched Can Teach Us About Good Cosmetic Surgery

Good Cosmetic Surgery

Good Cosmetic SurgeryThe E! show Botched isn’t meant to be educational, but it can teach viewers quite a bit about good cosmetic surgery. While it may not have been the producers’ intentions, the show actually speaks to the good, the bad and the ugly of cosmetic procedures.

The Good

The surgeons on Botched shine a light on why good cosmetic surgery results are absolutely contingent on choosing a qualified surgeon. Saving money is great, but the place to cut corners isn’t when it comes to choosing the person who is going to transform your face or body.

   For those who may be nervous about cosmetic surgery, Botched shows the amazing results that are possible when you choose a skilled surgeon. 

The Bad

One show featured a woman who got 700cc saline implants that her surgeon placed over the muscle. This caused immediate sagging, rippling and other complications. Her surgeon may have made a bad decision, but the woman who got this botched procedure is the one who paid the price. Some of the episodes highlight what can happen when you try to save a few bucks by opting for black-market fillers or low-cost procedures. For those considering cosmetic surgery, each episode should serve as a cautionary tale.

The Ugly

The show teaches us that good cosmetic surgery can even improve “The Ugly” that rears its pointy little head after a botched procedure. Because the show often features celebrities, it also reminds viewers that even those with money make mistakes when it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon. The Ugly can happen to anyone, so choosing a cosmetic surgeon who has your best interests in mind is essential.

Good cosmetic surgery results can be achieved even after something goes wrong, but choose your surgeon wisely, so you’ll never have to end up on an episode of Botched.


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