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We’ve All Been Staring at Our Necks Too Much & It’s Not Pretty

woman wearing shiny diamond earrings

woman wearing shiny diamond earringsThanks to the pandemic, we’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of your workday, attending a meeting or leading a presentation. As you try to be expressive as possible to make up for the distance, your video lags — just enough to capture that truly horrific angle. 

Of your neck.

Ladies and gentlemen, the necks are not OK.

No, But Seriously, They’re Not

It’s beauty advice your grandmother probably gave you: when you do your skincare routine, DON’T FORGET YOUR NECK!

Tech neck isn’t pretty, but turkey neck is worse.

Well, props to granny; she was very wise. And not enough of us have listened to her.

Of course, it isn’t just neglect that has our necks looking a decade older than our faces. It’s also our habits. Specifically, constantly looking down at tablets, smartphones and keyboards. 

Yes, I’m talking to you, Mrs. Hunt-and-Peck. Time for some typing tutor lessons.

With our heads so often craned down throughout both the workday and our leisure time, our necks are showing the signs. This includes massive horizontal creases that can get so deep, they look more like injuries than aging. 

Tech Neck Isn’t the Worst of It

Listen, tech neck isn’t cute, but the fact is that most people either already have it or will in a few years. Even teenagers are developing that massive crease. So really, no one is going to take it as a sign that you are old. If anything, not having one will mark you as an oldie. 

Still, we’re totally getting rid of ours.

But really, the bigger concern is the dreaded turkey neck. And many of us wrongfully assumed we didn’t have one until the last year.

You see, when you look at yourself straight on in the mirror, you miss the dynamics of your appearance as others see it — in motion, at imperfect angles and with that neck skin wobbling. But Zoom? Oh, Zoom makes sure you see it all. 

So What’s a Girl, or Guy, to Do?

I could go on about everything from improving your posture to learning to type without looking at your keyboard, but if you are at the point of needing turkey neck treatment, you’ve only got one reliable option:

A neck lift.

Not too many people are familiar with the neck lift. For sure the facelift is the better-known surgery. But given the neck ages faster, this procedure is rapidly gaining in popularity. Over 160,000 people had the procedure done last year, and this year will no doubt top those numbers. 

The good news is that neck lifts are pretty quick procedures, and the scars are easy to hide. On top of that, the recovery period tends to pass pretty quickly, though that can vary from person to person.

Of course, if you have other signs of aging you want to address, you can add a neck lift onto another procedure as well — I’d suggest a mini facelift. 

If you aren’t quite ready for surgery, there are non-surgical skin tightening treatments that can help firm up the neck a bit. Or even, like, face yoga. It might not be the ideal long-term solution, but it could bridge the gap between now and when you are ready for something bigger. 

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We’ve All Been Staring at Our Necks Too Much & It’s Not Pretty
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We’ve All Been Staring at Our Necks Too Much & It’s Not Pretty
Is it time to get a turkey neck treatment or fix your tech neck? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains your options for rejuvenating your neck.
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