Want More Junk in Your Trunk? Here’s How

More Junk in Your Trunk

More Junk in Your Trunk If you like big butts (and you cannot lie), you might have wondered about the merits of the Brazilian butt lift. Does the surgery really “lift” your assets? Can’t you get the same results through dedicated exercise? And most importantly, is the Brazilian butt lift truly superior to, say, the Latvian butt lift?

What Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Do?

The Brazilian butt lift (or BBL) involves the harvesting of a patient’s own fat from the abdomen, back, or thighs for the purpose of injecting it into the gluteal region, creating a tighter, rounder rear. The process is also known in the industry as fat transfer, lipoinjection, or J-Lo-ification.

A BBL actually performs two services: body contouring as well as buttock augmentation, since the patient gets excess fat removed from other areas. Technically, the Brazilian butt lift doesn’t involve any actual lifting; it is only a filling procedure. If you want uplift, you’ll need to go for a butt lift, sans the Brazilian.

Can’t I Exercise My Way to a Fabulous Posterior?

Maybe. Probably not, though.

Honestly, engaging in professional athlete-level training for several years will deliver a fantastically fit and toned body, but who has time for that? Well… professional athletes do. But still.

Why Is This Procedure Called a “Brazilian” Butt Lift? Was the Technique Invented in Brazil?

Actually, it should be called the “Venezuelan” butt lift, since the term lipoinjection was first used by a Venezuelan surgeon nearly 30 years ago. But, Brazilian butt lift just has a nicer ring to it than Venezuelan butt lift. Given the choice, we’d probably prefer our butts to resemble Giselle Bundchen’s rather than the late Hugo Chavez’s anyway.

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