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Trying to Cheat Fate? There’s a Plastic Surgery for That

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Plastic SurgeryIf you’ve ever stumbled upon a fortune teller at the carnival and had your palm read, you might know that your hand foretells your fate. For those of you who’ve never sat down with a psychic or paid money to a palm reader, you could be missing out on vital information regarding your destiny.

What the Palm Reader Sees

The palms of your hands are crisscrossed with an intricate network of lines that have been there since birth. Prominent among these lines are your love line and your fortune line, because after all, life is about shacking up and making beacoup bucks. And if your fortune line comes up a little short or your love line is damn near invisible, you can take power into your own hands and reshape your fate.

Some people rely on plastic surgery to boost their confidence and enhance their appearance, whether with breast augmentation, liposuction or another procedure. However, hand plastic surgery is big news in Japan, where many people are revising their personal destinies.

How Your Plastic Surgeon Can Help

With the help of a surgeon and his scalpel, you can carve deeper, more advantageous lines into your palm to steer your fate in the direction you want to go. The electric scalpel burns the flesh in order to produce a permanent scar, while of course helping to improve your lot in life. So if the palm reader told you that you’d end up dying penniless and alone surrounded by your cats, don’t despair. A little hand plastic surgery should set things straight.

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