Times Are Weird But You Can Get BOTOX® in a Drive Thru?

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botox girlsThere are those who think drive-thru culture is the death of America. And okay, maybe when talking about burgers, there is truth to that. But like everyone else, I am big on convenience.

Especially when it comes to my beauty routine.

After months of being locked down and med spas and plastic surgeon’s offices being closed, most of us are looking worse for wear — myself included. Sure, things are starting to reopen, but who wants to sit in a waiting room and mingle with the other patients right now?

Pretty much no one. The good news is you don’t have.

Introducing Drive-Thru BOTOX®

Oh baby, this sure beats getting a Big Mac.

Yep, BOTOX® drive-thru is officially a thing. Or at least it is in Miami, where people are always living in the future — but there is no doubt this will soon be coming to a city near you.

Restaurants have nothing on drive-thru BOTOX, baby.

This novel concept is pioneered by Dr. Michsel Salzhauer, who you might know of as Dr. Miami. Given that so many of his clients were hesitant to be in an enclosed office near others, he opted to create a drive-thru med spa in his clinic’s parking structure. According to Dr. Miami, he got a COVID-19 test at a drive-thru clinic and realized this could be adapted to BOTOX applications.

BOTOX benefits without other people sounds pretty awesome. But getting it in a parking garage?

Isn’t This an Infection Waiting to Happen?

According to Dr. Miami, not at all.

Of course, that all depends on the setup. And Dr. Miami has been pretty careful with his.

First, he only injects parts of the face not covered by a mask. While that limits the treatment areas, BOTOX is mostly used around the eyes and on the forehead, so it works.

Second, this isn’t a drive-thru you just roll up to whenever you have a craving for some wrinkle treatment. You have to book your appointments in advance through an online portal. Then, when it is close to you appointment time, you drive up to the parking structure and are given instruction by the staff.

In the designated treatment space, you park your car, roll down the window and Dr. Miami gets to work. The space has shelves of medical supplies, including sanitizing wipes, medical gloves and disposable needles. Most items are one-time use and anything that isn’t is fully sanitized between patients.

The staff takes all necessary precautions, sanitizing their hands and wearing protective gear. Temperature checks are used on clients and staff.

Is Drive-Thru BOTOX Right for You?

Unless you are in Miami, this service may not be available to you just yet. However, with everything going to a drive-thru model — from movies to stripper (yeah, you read that right)—it is just a matter of time before your nearest city offers drive-thru med spa services. But is it the right choice?

I mean, why not? So long as the practice is being as safe as Dr. Miami, perhaps the best time to get BOTOX is when you never need to leave your car.


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Times Are Weird But You Can Get BOTOX® in a Drive Thru?
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Times Are Weird But You Can Get BOTOX® in a Drive Thru?
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