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Should Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Include Labia Puffing?

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Labia PuffingWhether you’ve never cared for the shape of your lady parts or you just want to restore them to their previous glory, vaginal rejuvenation can be the answer. Much like snowflakes, no two vaginas are alike. Different procedures can correct different issues, which is really great. But what’s all this about labia puffing?

Yes, Labia Puffing Exists

First off, labia puffing actually is a thing. It involves transferring fat from elsewhere on your body and injecting it into your labia to make them, well, puffier. So, the voluminous labia of your dreams can be yours. Of course, this comes at a price.

    Since labia can lose volume as we age, puffing promises to plump them back up.

Is Labia Puffing Worth It?

Labia puffing is quite expensive. As in, it costs as much as some actual plastic surgeries but unfortunately, it won’t last as long. Fat grafting does last longer than puffing with dermal fillers, but the results will diminish over time. This means that in order to maintain that voluptuous vagina, you’ll probably have to go back for more.

Surely There Are Other Options

Indeed, there are other routes you can take in your quest to achieve down-there perfection. Vaginal plastic surgery, or labiaplasty, is more permanent. Plus, your procedure can be customized for the unique anatomy of your special snowflake. Both your inner and outer labia can be contoured to your liking. And, since your vagina’s not just for looks, these procedures can also help improve the way things function and feel down there.

Deciding whether to have any kind of vaginal rejuvenation is ultimately up to you. Just make sure you get a board-certified plastic surgeon and that you’re considering it for the right reasons.

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