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Say Buh Bye to These 3 Throwback Facial Procedures

Facial Procedures

Facial ProceduresThanks to advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques, facial procedures are now some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed, and they can achieve some amazing results. But that wasn’t always the case. Take a look at these three ancient facial procedures, and thank your lucky stars for the modern facelift and its results.

  1. Cheeks and Reeds

    Since cutting off someone’s nose was once considered a fair punishment for stealing, early nose jobs were used as an act of forgiveness more than to enhance one’s appearance. As you can probably imagine, the results weren’t so pretty.

    In 600 B.C.E., nose jobs consisted of cutting a flap of cheek skin, pulling it over toward the nose to cover up the disfigurement and inserting two reeds so the nostrils wouldn’t close up.

  2. Nose Jobs from Arm Skin

    As nose jobs became more refined, early surgeons started using flaps of skin from the lucky person’s arm in order to reshape their nose. Unfortunately, blowing your nose or sneezing too hard could send your brand-new nose flying.

    As it turns out, arm skin doesn’t always take so well when it’s reshaped into a nose.

  3. Face Flaps

    In the early 1900s, surgeons took the flap idea to a whole new level. They started using flaps of skin taken from other areas of the body and grafting them over the face like a mask. This same technique was then used to perform the first sex-change operations back in the 1940s and 50s in London.

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Say Buh Bye to These 3 Throwback Facial Procedures
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Say Buh Bye to These 3 Throwback Facial Procedures
After reading up on these three old-school facial procedures, you'll jump for joy that we now have modern facelift techniques. Ravebabe sure did.
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