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Plastic Surgery Transparency: Let’s Taco Bout It

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gold microphoneGone are the days of people being hush-hush about having “work” done. In fact, quite the opposite has happened in recent years. As more celebrities and social media stars open up about the cosmetic procedures they’ve had, the taboo nature of plastic surgery has taken a backseat while beauty transparency drives.

This is great news for anyone who has had or is thinking about getting cosmetic treatments, since there was never anything to be ashamed of in the first place. Now, the stigma is lifting and people are talking about beauty treatments in everyday conversation.

So what changed, and do we expect this positive beauty transparency trend to continue? We answer these questions below!

Celebs Are Spilling the Tea

Celebrity influence has always been one of the biggest drivers of pop culture and changes to what we see as normal in society. Today, this is taken a step further with the countless social media influencers who also sway societal trends.

Stars like Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have all openly talked about the procedures they’ve had, paving the way for others of us to feel comfortable discussing things like BOTOX®, fillers and boob jobs with our inner circles.

Beauty Treatments = Self-Care 

Hop on board the self-care train, sis, and treat yourself to a round of BOTOX or fillers, because beauty treatments are now being talked about in terms of self-care, rather than something selfish or conceited. And the best part? There seems to be science to back up this shift in societal viewpoints. Studies have shown that cosmetic treatments like BOTOX can improve quality of life and self-esteem, in addition to getting rid of those wrinkles.

The Zoom Boom Normalized “Tweakments” 

When the pandemic forced an entire workforce into a WFH setting, complete with hours upon hours of Zoom calls, plastic surgeons saw a boom in requests for non-surgical “tweakments.” Little fixes like injectables, laser treatments, microneedling and more became the new norm for women and men alike who were looking for a little something extra to help boost their appearance when forced to stare at themselves on video calls all day.

Beauty transparency and social acceptance for men has made its way into pop culture, too, so you’re not excluded, fellas!

Non-Surgical Treatments vs. Plastic Surgery

The rise in popularity and accessibility of non-surgical treatments like injectables, radiofrequency devices, lasers and more has helped to make cosmetic treatments in general more socially acceptable. This isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with plastic surgery, either, let me be crystal clear! But with non-surgical beauty treatments taking the spotlight in recent years, it has become easier for more people to accept that this is simply something that is normal in our society today.

It’s often a further stretch for some people to accept surgeries in the same way. But the bright spot is that the growing acceptance of non-surgical treatments will also help to soften any stigmas still hanging around about surgical treatments, too.

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Plastic Surgery Transparency: Let’s Taco Bout It
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Plastic Surgery Transparency: Let’s Taco Bout It
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