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Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Dead Rockstar? Um, Yes, Please?

Plastic Surgery to look like a dead rockstar - RaveBabe

Plastic Surgery to look like a dead rockstar - RaveBabeListen, ladies and fellas – there are so many facelift benefits. You can reclaim your youth at any age. You can hit the dating apps with confidence. You can move up the ranks at work without getting dismissed as too old and out of touch. You can look like a dead rockstar.

*Cue sound effect of a record screeching to a halt.

OK, OK, calm down. I don’t mean you’ll look like Elvis’ corpse. But, if you want to look like a very much alive Elvis (perhaps more 50s than 70s, though), plastic surgery can totally make that happen. Just ask anyone who knew Danny O’Day.

The Promoter Who Raised the Dead

Danny O’Day is hardly the most well-known entertainment figure. In fact, if you Google his name, you’ll find more information about ventriloquist dummies than about the man himself. But, if you’ve ever seen Beatles impersonators in Vegas or a knock-off Shania Twain in Branson, you’ve likely seen his influence.

Get plastic surgery to look like a dead celeb or just a better version of yourself; it’s up to you.

He had his stroke of genius not long after Elvis passed away: people will still want to see their beloved stars perform even after they’ve died or retired, so why not convince aspiring performers to swap their faces for those of various singers? And convince them he did, starting with Dennis Wise, a former car salesman and aspiring Elvis impersonator whose face was missing the mark. A few surgeries later, and he was entertaining folks as the king of rock and roll.

Since then, impersonators all over the world have gotten facelifts, cheek and chin implants and other procedures to look like their beloved icons. And you can too!

Or, You Know, You Could Just Look Like a Younger You

There are lots of plastic surgery trends that are worth considering, but I’ll level with you: looking like dead people isn’t one of them. Not that this is really a trend outside of a few tourist spots anyhow. But, if you are interested in facelift benefits, getting one to be a better version of yourself is an excellent idea.

Are the benefits of a facelift actually significant enough to go under the knife? Yes – for the right person, anyway. And here are some of the biggest reasons to consider this procedure.

  • You Can Address Multiple Signs of Aging at Once: Line and wrinkles on the face and neck can really show your age. With a single procedure, you can address all of them, and with the right approach, even add volume.
  • That Double Chin Might Disappear: What you think is excess fat might actually be excess skin – thanks, gravity. When you get your skin lifted, that annoying excess might just up and disappear.
  • Your Jowls Might Also Go Away: Yeah, you know that sagging along your jaw line? A facelift can eliminate that too. No more bulldog cheeks!
  • Facelifts Go Great with Other Procedures: You have bigger goals than just reducing lines and wrinkles? Not to worry! With a facelift, you can get many other procedures at the same time, wrapping up multiple recoveries into one.

So, now you know the benefits of facelifts. Next step is to schedule yours.

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Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Dead Rockstar? Um, Yes, Please?
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Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Dead Rockstar? Um, Yes, Please?
Plastic surgery trends—they can be great, or really weird. Beauty personality RaveBabe looks at an odd one: a facelift that (kind of) raises the dead.
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