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Plastic Surgery to Help Twins Look Less Identical?

Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryMost people love the idea of having a twin. Just imagine: an identical version of yourself who can pretend to be you when you can’t or don’t want to show up. Your twin could ace your driving test for you, go on your job interview, or even escort your date to prom. Many movies have been made about the hijinks that ensue when one twin sibling stands in for another, but now there’s a new plot twist in the annals of twin adventures.

Double Trouble

When identical twin brothers Zhao Xin and Zhao Xun married identical twin sisters Yun Fei and Yun Yang last year, many thought theirs was a match made in heaven. But when the foursome went out to dinner one evening and enjoyed a romantic stroll afterwards, one of the husbands accidentally clasped his brother’s wife’s hand, mistaking her for his wife. The case of mistaken identity led both pairs to pursue cosmetic surgery in a quest to be able to tell their spouses apart from their in-laws.

(Don’t) Take My Wife

Both the brothers and the sisters plan to have minor cosmetic surgery done on their faces to avoid any further confusion, which is a pretty novel reason to get cosmetic surgery.

    Consider if you needed a slight nose job for brow lift for your loved ones to be able to accurately identify you. But you don’t need such an extreme reason to opt for a cosmetic procedure. 

In addition to helping identical twins from accidentally committing adultery, cosmetic surgery can be customized to meet whatever unique appearance goals you might have.


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